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What is Afiswitch?
The Afiswitch system interfaces with the South African Police Service Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAPS AFIS) for the purpose of criminal background checking.
What are Afiswitch’s credentials?
Afiswitch has an exclusive contract with the South African Police Service (SAPS) to render the service on behalf of the SAPS .

In association with the Government Gazette, Vol. 496, No. 29319 dated 27 October 2006.
Who can use Afiswitch?
Individuals, corporate and private enterprises that require compulsory periodic checks, and those needing clearance for commercial purposes. 
Types of searches:
Corporate search
Any search initiated by a corporate entity
Pre-employment search
Any commercial search

What does Afiswitch provide?
On-line criminal background checks
bullet identification based on fingerprints
Digital fingerprints captured by means of electronic fingerprint scanners, or by using FBI-approved flatbed scanners
bullet Significantly improved convenience, reliability and reduced turn-around time
How does the Afiswitch process work?
bullet A service provider is registered on Afiswitch and is supplied with a workstation. This setup is used to register applicants for which the Afiswitch background check is to be performed
bullet The authorised service provider signs on to an Afiswitch workstation by entering a user ID and presenting a matching finger
bullet Ten fingerprints and demographic data of an applicant are then captured on-line or off-line using an Afiswitch workstation and Livescan fingerprint reader
bullet The workstation uploads data to Afiswitch via a secure internet connection
bullet Afiswitch transmits the electronic fingerprints directly to the SAPS AFIS sub-system for identification purposes
bullet On completion of a fingerprint search, the SAPS AFIS returns a Hit  or No-hit result to Afiswitch
bullet Afiswitch in turn returns a Possible illicit activity identified or No illicit activity identified report to the service provider
bullet In the case of a No illicit activity identified report, the service provider can provide the applicant with the report immediately
bullet In the case of a Possible illicit activity identified report, the SAPS will further process the search and supply the required details regarding the Illicit activity identified result
bullet In the event that any applicant disputes the validity of results, SAPS has established procedures and policies to resolve such disputes 
How to enable printing of records? 
bullet Use this link Open PDF File and follow steps provided within document to enable printing of records.
Do not have Adobe Reader, to view the document which allows for printing of records? 
bullet Download Adobe reader, then try viewing the document.
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